Teleport Strike

Finished up most of the Teleport Strike skill for our turn-based, tactical RPG Wellspring : Altar of Roots! This is our first 'free-targeted' skill, meaning that you can position it anywhere within its attack range. If there isn't a nearby target, the skill simply moves the user to its targeted destination, but if there is an enemy (or enemies) in range, it will deal damage to the nearest one.

The most challenging parts were setting up the animation/particle effect timing and working out the logic for whether damage is dealt or not--our skill system is pretty robust, so it wasn't too terribly hard to get it up and running.

Pretty satisfied with how it turned out, but there are a few small issues (like the sound effects and particle effects disappearing abruptly) that'll be cleaned up soon enough! We feel that this adds a lot more variety to Bodom's overall strategy and play style--feel free to let us know what you think! :)


Wellspring: Altar of Roots Pre-Alpha Demo 1 GB
Version 1.3.2 Apr 09, 2018

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