Wellspring Pre-Alpha Demo 1.3.2 is LIVE!

Hi everyone! We've been working hard to update, optimize and fix some of the issues reported in our most recent pre-alpha demo and we have a new build available! We're looking for any and all feedback, so if you're feeling up to the challenge, dive right in: there's over three hours of content, loads of skills, items and equipment, and plenty of challenging encounters!

Since we've changed our name from Bevontule to Wellspring, if you want to keep your old save files and configuration settings, you'll need to do a few things, as the application data folder has a different name: 

  • Find the AppData folder for Bevontule--this is usually found at C:\Users\<your_user_name>\AppData\LocalLow\Multithreaded Games\
  • Run "Wellspring_Demo.exe" and close it before choosing configuration options from the built-in Unity dialog.
  • There should be a "Wellspring" directory in the same directory as the previously-mentioned Bevontule folder.
  • Open the Bevontule folder and copy all of its contents into the Wellspring folder--make sure to overwrite anything if prompted.
  • Run the game as normal!

Here's a full list of all the changes:


  • Removed references to "Bevontule"--new title is "Wellspring: Altar of Roots"!
  • Improved cloth performance by up to 80%
  • Increased Bodom's field movement speed by around 10%
  • Reduced enemy AI calculation time up to 10x in some cases (most noticeable with the Drone enemy)
  • General graphical optimizations
  • Optimizations related to character/enemy movement on the field
  • Updated some resource/item spawns
  • Tweaked a few enemy battle formations so that they were closer to allies 
  • Rebalanced certain enemy attributes, skills and drop rates
  • Reduced 'ghosting' (motion trails) on characters when moving
  • Significantly reduced the chances that an enemy might move slightly out of its movement radius in combat
  • Removed Kickstarter references and replaced with newsletter signup


  • Fixed issue where Voltaic Whelp could fail to land on the ground
  • Fixed rare issue where Voltaic Whelp battle could lock up the game
  • Fixed issue where highlighted collectibles could become 'frozen' when entering combat
  • Fixed issue where scene fade-ins could trigger twice in a row or not trigger at all
  • Fixed audio volume issues
  • Fixed excessive sliding for skills that cause targets to be knocked back
  • Fixed issue where minimap wouldn't appear after first cutscene if the pause menu was opened
  • Fixed issue where minimap could sometimes be opened during cutscenes and battle
  • Fixed issue where Klyph would require 20 more iron to see the 'black market' if the player exited the current scene and returned
  • Fixed UI issue where right-clicking to cancel, when hovering over a character panel, would fail to work
  • Fixed UI issue where EP/AP costs would sometimes disappear in the Skills menu
  • Fixed issue where Blightculler could not be used to attack in certain circumstances
  • Fixed issue where Bodom's passive skill Risk and Reward was applied to items as well
  • Fixed issue where Moroch's passive skill Tourniquet applied to items as well
  • Fixed issue where characters could sometimes be revived in battle to full HP instead of just 50
  • Fixed issue where revived characters would not be placed on the ground until moving
  • Fixed issue where area projection for line-based skills was displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed issue where certain characters would orient themselves improperly when using skills


Wellspring: Altar of Roots Pre-Alpha Demo 1 GB
Version 1.3.2 Apr 09, 2018

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